Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 – Genetics

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slingshot247 says:

Great music and video selection, but the speech is actually demotivating…
Rich Piana saying that unless you don’t have great genetics, you won’t
reach your goal… hmm.. Okay, he’s right, but that’s not what I want to
hear when watching a bodybuilding motivation video. 

Mike Ross says:

It makes me laugh how the bodybuilding community kisses Phil Heaths ass
like he is actually some sort of gift. Phil is a joke. Take the hype and
the titles away and look at his body unbiased. He wouldn’t make top 5 in
any other era of bodybuilding. The Mr.Olympia competition is in a sad sad
state. Giving the title to guys without symmetry and with bulging stomachs.
There were guys like Phil… better than Phil in the 90’s and all thru the
2K’s but most of them will never have their names known because that is not
what bodybuilding is about. But shit changed. Now the entire competition is
a joke.

PumpTrainingProgram says:

This is awesome happy new year lifters!

evadesc says:

Who’s the dude at 4:05 after branch warren doing the olympic lifts?

Ping Pong Studio says:

Amazing video! Truly motivating!!! I just posted a new motivational video
for 2015 on my channel. Might not be as good as this but hopefully it can
help someone out. Check it out if you have a second.

iThale says:

I dont give a fck about genetics! Just become the best of yoself. 

Eduardo Baca says:

This depressed me a little bit actually, fucking genetics.

jim dandy says:

Yeah- gotta be happy and live with what God gave you, not everyone can get
that size and cut at the same time- same with running, cycling, their are
the best in any sport or life in general-

I do think though people can get too big-my opinion, I was watching a video
today and the guy weighed 330 but couldn’t even do a chin -that’s too big
and heavy in my estimation

StabStabStabStabby says:

I’ve seen plenty of bodybuilders with poor genetics – insertions, muscle
bellies – (things that roids can’t fix) on stage. Sure, they aren’t world
class but no one is making a living from actual competitions. It’s all
about endorsements and brand deals. It’s the reason everyone says
competitions such as Mr Olympia is all about politics. 

cipriano lopez says:

Love the video and I love my genetics

Lars Kicheleer says:

F#ck Genetics… HARD WORK….BEATS TALENT!!!!

“Keep that in mind guys!”

Erick Cunha says:

i got good genetics…im 6.0 feet and i can bench 205 for 10 reps and squat
250 for 10 reps and deadlift about 400 pounds we great form im natural no
steroids no protein powder just food lots and lots of good food and
preworkout i i take coffee ….and im only 17 im 183 pounds… idk but i
got good genetics Thank god but just because you dont have the best
genetics doesnt mean you cant go after a bodybuilding goal…delete video
please…this is a disgrace for the generacion of bodybuilding we live in,
arnold is more inspiring then rich piana. 

mialmaji says:

Maybe that could be true about genetics. I don’t have great genetics but i
do what i can do and i feel great with that. But common rich? Is no the
best example to talk about genetics. Thats what i think. Have a nice
2015!!! GO HARD!!!!

MrZaine80 says:

That’s one of the least motivating videos ever. All that voice dwells on is
negative. Im pretty sure this could be made better. Unless the whole idea
is to kill motivation in which case its perfect.

Poland syndrome bodybuilding says:

This isn’t motivation as 95% have standard genetics:-/

dido lbido says:

great video i agree with piana in the biggest is not usully the bodybuilder

xDXLZz says:

phil you are wrong with one thing
I can become who ever I wanna be if I believe it .

Fluent says:

Horrible speech.

wheelchair_muscle says:

Farking Awesome motivational video mate!!! Hows Kai greens back. Dammmm!!!!

yarz123 says:

This made me feel like shit about my bad shoulder. But nice video.
Definitely would change the audio.

imadadou says:

Work your Ass off, Get some 100 Drugs.. nad then You will Fuck Genetics….

TheElgreko says:

Actually if i see someone bigger i just say roids

kevin e says:

The most important thing to become Mr. Olympia is to use steroids lol XD

wilmington mcm says:

yep, Rich is terrible. Cut vid off 1/2 way thru. Keep vid and swap out
with new commentary;)

lukas guaydia says:

amazing motivation thx bro

Sean Joe says:

Happy new year, fuckin love this video smile more.:)

slavvs says:

2015 won’t change anything unless you do 😉 Happy new year !

Tommaso Deniccola says:

Tons of motivation!!! 

Nicolas Motte says:

bonne année et bonne santé de France ;)

Khaled Moussa says:

song name pls. :-)

calvin coleman says:

shitty video

xDXLZz says:

fuckin love this shit 

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