Bodybuilding motivation – 2015

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RiZeAF says:

2013 was practice
2014 was the warm up
2015 is game time 

MySilentAss says:

Happy new year Jericho! Great video to start this year with :D

JerichoDMZ says:

I’m back…New year is ours

marko bajan says:

Happy new year ! Great video 

Ken Hills says:

Fabulous work Sir. Love your videos. 

Sujay Shrestha says:

Epic video, all my friends be thinking I’m crazy eating chicken breasts and
brown rice everyday as well as going to the gym when they be chilling. I
love bodybuilding even though I may be 17 but I have aspirations to step on
stage and compete. FUCK BEING AVERAGE!!!

voron vitya says:

I swear to fucking God if i see another comment like:
Tren Hard,Dbolish your goals,ANAVAR Give up
you can go fucking eat a bag of your mothers Ovaries bitch!


Kurva chlape… kde si to nabral ty odběry 😀 thumbs up ! Snad taky jednou

Fouad EL HOUSNA says:

Always awesome videos & always stunning background music , back with a bang
to kick the new year , thumbs ups bro …

benoit robert says:

ROELLY WINKLAR lollllllllllllllllll LOOK HIS HORRIBLE FACE, a mouse-

Beast Motivation says:

Awesome video Bro!

Michael Wong says:

Amazing work, man! One question, where could I find the font you used at
the beginning of the video? Appreciate, keep up the awesome work!

ronaldooo65 says:

Fucking amazing. Whats the background song though? :S

Cameron Nott says:

Absolutely lovin that background music >:)
Looking forward to checking out the new videos bro, keep it up!

tim pep says:

as always great video man, thanks for the motivation! :)

Ulises Mondragon says:

excellent video jericho is really motivating, a hug from México and happy
new year!!! 

MrMagicmaciek says:

Takes alot of juice too:)

Alex Mendoza says:

Good video homie” keep doing what u doing! I watch them on my way to the

Joey Carrasquillo says:

Yes!! Fucking love this channel! Happy New Years!

Kalpesh Kharat says:


MrSyroden says:


jerry ce says:

Don’t believe me just watch!

Gil Crist says:

It’s a BSN video ?…

Andrej Olejar says:

Happy new year :) 

eschaia Nepovim says:

terrible music

nam nguyễn says:

It’s TIme, sir

Tim De Wever says:

good one!!!

honzaktm says:

name of song? 

seli462 says:


Lion Gutsche says:


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