Bodybuilding Full Day of my Meals

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Full day of my meals.

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TheZortlak says:

so when do you take steroids

Youmer Hasan says:

brad pitt got ripped

luisnavarroone says:

Not necessary, really?
Same results with a high protein diet and enjoying delicious meals.
But make sure yo add lots of oats, nuts and greens to the diet.

george Henry says:

This guy looks like a a beast

chrishaz1122 says:

why acked like u can not b bothered 2 do this vid no 1 is making u do it
being all tied in the moring man up or dont make any vids 

R Barrett says:

What kind of gas are you on?

kevbo7s says:

When I make shakes like his Post w/o, protein, spinach, banana and w/4-5
serv. egg whites, its thick and foamy….I can barely pour it…….? Think
he added water too?? Btw… way in hell could I ever eat 11oz chicken
breast in one meal….and then more before bed..ft!

Ozzy H says:

Hey man thanks for the video I’ve been looking for something like that.

I m wondering though if u take/ or ur thoughts about BCAAs or glutamine


Mikey Mike says:

If u ever need a late night meal and u got some protein macros to use
up…gime a call….I’ll take care of ya

Happy Lark says:

can u wear one of those tiny bikinis and do some posing? I want to see
your ass and legs

TheDrblu says:

hey dude whats that app called you have that calculate ur meals

Kaisha Enderlein says:

Everybody can increase at least 10 lbs lean muscle in 8 weeks and get

aka semoo says:

nice broth 

Johnny Aingel says:

we eat the same almost lol and I am a early bird too you are a awesome
bodybuilder —love and respect

Versohnung says:

do you have a job?

FraNK says:

funny man… i typed in natural bodybuilding meals… and i realized i went
to school with this guy been in his house.. fgcu

obesejim says:

Thanks boss. It’s been a long time since you’ve uploaded any videoes,
what’s up bro?

iiRaitis says:

I’ve got the same thing about tiredness.. eyes get all bloodshot, sign of a
productive day

Jason Woods says:

You make it sound miserable why would I follow your advice?

jason genova says:

what’s your stack bro


Great physique.

Zacs BodyBuilding says:

hey i am an youtube who is trying to join this fitness thing. i am goin to
starve to reach goals that i will be able to achieve but need support and
help on they way. anybody who has tips and advice come through n help a
person who is slightly out of shape. also help me grow my channel this is
something i love to do and always down the line i can help others out in
return thanks 

userXII says:

can you make a video on how you prepare the teriyaki chicken tighs? 

ones twos says:

that is IN ADDITION to the evidence provided before.

w8lftr says:

love the whole body but those pecs and nips drive me wild. so freakin hot

gazzlebrox says:

Caffeine is a diuretic (makes you pee more) and it impedes absorption of
calcium in the intestines, but it does NOT “dissolve your bones”. Total
urinary calcium loss associated with 1 cup of coffee is about 5mg, which
can be offset by adding 1-2 tbsp of milk. Google: “Efects of caffine on
bone and the calcium economy”. Read the article by RP Heaney (2002)

rijed says:

awesome beautiful incredible…YES!!!

mrxlmuscle says:

can you point me to the studies? I also take a great multi vitamin.

victor cruz says:

Ure finally back!!!!!!!!! Welcome brotha!!

iwant2cthatass says:

Beautiful eyes….You are so Hot!

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