Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Do The Work Of Your Life

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Follow me on Facebook: Song: Mark Petrie – Chasm Starring: James Brian Hellwig (Ultimate Warrior), Brandon Beckri…

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WallEast says:

Merry Christmas everyone!

WallEast says:

These thumbs down make me sad…

WallEast says:

Already so fast over 100,000 views! Nearly 1,000 thumbs up and 100
comments! Thank you! On this occasion I started a new project.
#bodybuildingmotivation #fitnessmotivation #starttoday
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DBGuitar13 says:

ignore the thumbs down man, great vid!

RoloFit says:

Great Video! Who is the guy with the superman stringer in thr Picture
before the video begins? :)

PolishMuscleMen says:

W końcu nowy film stary, zajebiście, rób więcej tego w nowym roku i pompuj
ostro ! :)

Ukuwoele says:

RIP Ultimate Warrior. His speeches were something special. He really lived
for this. Thanks for having him speaking in the background!

Jerzy Bąk says:

Fajny film 

Alexei Lesukov says:

I love all your videos, thank you for posting your masterpieces, regards
all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia !

Sushi Rages says:

I’m by no means trying to be a body builder but your videos still give me
motivation to do better in life. Keep it up and keep making videos bro.

fabiantmartinez says:

Love the video brother!!

Jannik Kurtsiefer says:

Others start drinking now and I’m in the gym listening your videos, keep
the good work up bro:)

Louis Ortega says:

Great video! Very motivational!!!

Brews Under Review says:

Thumbs up for The Ultimate Warrior 

tom tailor says:

Co oni kurwa mają z tymi wielkimi słuchawkami na łbach…przecież tak się
ćwiczyć nie da i w ogóle hujowo to wygląda nie wygodne i brzydkie, poza tym
nie można się skupić na ćwiczeniach jak dudni muza w ucho…kiedyś wziąłęm
dla próby raz jeden jedyny słuchawki na trening ale małe do ucha i nie dało
się ćwiczyć mega to głupota jest i hujowa jakaś moda…zreszta mysle ze to
tylko na potrzeby reklamy.

Nathan White says:

Good choice of fit-folks for the video not the same ole same ole juiced up
dooshers. Good job person

jim edward says:


HULK production says:

Great video :) Who´s the guy at 1:33 ? 

Jeffrey Boot says:

so i get motivated, hit the gym hard, leg press 560kg, then the owner calls
me over and tells me im banned because i made too much noise,, Jetts Gym,
dont want motivated , just want the money,
pay your money and keep quiet, how can you be quiet when your pushing it

Druga Strona Medalu says:

Every movie you make has something different than the one before. It’s more


Alex Bodybuilding says:

please put more old school bodybuilders in your new motivation vids.. All I
see from all new bb motivation video is the same ,.. Speach with fitness
guys in it.. no kevin levrone etc..

MakeYourLifeWork2 says:

The man speaking is the one and only Mr. Warrior. Aka Ultimate Warrior.

Ryan Gant says:

Whose the person speaking during the video?

Clyde Hasz says:

Who’s in the thumbnail 

speartooth50 says:

Who’s the guys at 2:39 with the crazy vascularity?

Lonatly says:

I know it is ”The Work of My Life” and I do want it.
But everytime I come to the gym with my ripped friends I just seem to give
up after 2 weeks max
i love ur vids

Shankoty 1 says:

what software you used for making this video please ? 

Rey Figueredo says:

wow there was a taco bell advertisement before this video lol

Miljan Markovic says:

Who talks in this clip ? :) 

Halloween Lifter says:

Trick or Lift !

Neville Sidric says:

Who are the guys in 1″33, 2″33, 2″35??@

Ishtiak Ahmed says:

Who was doing incline flys? At 2:30

gareth oconnell says:

Not sure whether this video sends out the right mesaage, sure I understand
being motivated but all the people featured in this video are chemically
enhanced and the narrator who is ultimate warrior is now dead. From what I
understand the ultimate warrior died young and was also a big steroid
abuser. I guess perhaps dig deep and just fucking do it ( die young)

Andre Luis says:

So where are the motivation????

Nathaniel Sant says:

Sometimes the music is too loud for the speech to be heard well. But
anyways, ignore the thumbs down and take a look at the thumbs up mate!
great video!

feijin andre says:

He speak the truth

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