Bodybuilding Exercises – Free Weights

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Check out this ebook “Healthy Living Over Fifty” by John Matonis Exercises include: Shoulder Exercises–Dumbbell Lateral…

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Paul Beaudette says:

Thank you for the comments and the kind words!

Paul Beaudette says:

A No nonsense vid to get you started. Thanks to all the pro bodybuilders
who helped change my life for the better!!!

Jimmy Baker says:

*Wow….l havent worked out in over four years and l wanted to change my
Iife around. So l found your cardio workout and thought l wouId start
there! Day 1 l was like a dying animal l was that out of breath and couId
hardIy move after the first five min. Today was Day 6 and l have been doing
this everyday and what a differance…l can do the workout the whoIe way
through and feeI great. I stiII sweat and am working my body hard but l
feeI fabuIous! l’v started Iosing weight and wiII incorporate sone of the
other workouts into my daiIy excersise routines. Im so glad l found you…*

Susan Wong says:

One of the best weight training video, direct instruction and best of all,
it also show you the wrong way to avoid. I like it! great job.

Saikiran Kiran says:

wow……that was a great video 

Fazlullah Danishyar says:

Tnx was very nice

tommy kamota says:

i like it

anil rasaily says:


superstition435 says:

+Richie2k13 *Me too. I really like that program since*
*I dont have to wait days or in many cases*
*even weeks to get it and put into action.*

vikcy41 says:

wow great video for bodybuilding 

Denmar Gumtang says:

Bodybuilding Exercises – Free Weights:

Carrie R. Britt says:

In 2 month later on, you certainly can easily achieve 10 pounds in muscle &
drop 5 – 10 pounds in body fat. All you need is a tested workout program,
right eating plan & start now.

Filyuev Konstantin says:

Scientific research demonstrate that you can optimize your muscle building
process 2x-3x more quickly; by simply adjust your eating plan. Because the
time you spend for the workout room is only 3% of all your time.

Sukhkaran Sandhu says:
ayman aly says:

thanks, It’s nice and very helpfull

cool guy says:

This program is awesome I love it

curlon brown says:

thats what am talking about

Omran Ahmed says:

I am bodybuilder and I’m very very strongman

Erika Wisdom says:

Simple, effective, safe , easy, perfect!

lemi chala says:

aweome i love it 

Danny Van Gucht says:
Supo w says:

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additional minute in the gym, then you should look at this video tutorial
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