Bodybuilding Diet | Sample Diet To Build Muscle!

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Today I have a sample diet for you with 6 meals you can use to get your body into tip-top shape, building muscle as quickly as possible. Let’s Get Started! 1) Breakfast: 3 whole eggs, 2 egg…

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momen mohammed says:

I’m 15 year old and I wheigh 65 kg want to get to 72 kg does thar help with

Katdawgydawg Katdawg says:

Hi I’m a male a 5.11 I think weight 87kg bin up and dwn between 85 to 90kg.
Wunt to get to 100kg without fat. Can u helps..I’m currently dieting with
your meal plan with 4to 5 small healthy/lean meals plus mass shakes hea an
there. An what’s your thorts on cardio with bulking?? Cheers

Im Jack says:

Do a bulking diet

publicenemy201 says:

Great video 200 pounds of solid muscle im 6’1 

IvanFitnessPro says:

Nice Video! my current height is 5/9 and I weight 156lbs
My goal weight is between 165 and 175lbs

HowToGainMuscle4Men says:
qazxswpat says:

I’m 15 years old and weigh about 50 kg, I want to weigh 60 kg as soon as
possible, but do I need to eat this much? Because this looks alot to me.

selet says:

Have you tried Muscle Maker Method? (Google it) It is a quick way to get
ripped fast.

Descreat Menthol says:

Hi I am South Africa, we use metric measurements, I am 41, 1.75m tall and I
weigh 87.5kg but that seems to go higher or lower depending on what I eat.
I have just watched ALL your videos in ONE sitting one after the other, I
feel for the last 6 years that I have been working out I have been doing
all the wrong things, for the time I have spend in the gym, the diets I
have been on and the various different supplements I have swallowed over
the years I should look like a body builder but only difference I show for
my efforts over the years is just a slight definition! I am very
disappointed for the wasted time and money.

I have just changed my workout time, I now train in the mornings 5 days a
week, can I use the breakfast diet you just gave us to build muscle and
define and should I eat the whole thing before I workout(seems like a lot
of food) or break it up to half before and half after? Please advise.

L J Rizik says:

your videos are of great help, thank you. I’m currently struggling with the
no muscle gain issue, I’ve been doing a workout program for 6 months and
lost about 50 lbs but I’m still not ripped and my muscles don’t seem to
grow at all. Any suggestions?

fatin aziz says:

Do you make these mistakes in your workout regimen? Copy And paste Into
Google Muscle Maker Method to find out.

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