Bodybuilding Diet Low Carb Pancake. RZFitness in HD!

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HumerusFitness says:

I’m hungry as fuaaaaaaaaaaaaa

james burke says:

Turn it in is complete and utter piss

RZFitnessTV says:
Daryl Yue says:

Im pretty sure thats called an omelette not a pancake lol

MattDoesFitness says:

Making me hungry dude!

David Saleman says:

So its an omelette with sweetener……

Chase Fitness Daily says:

1/2 cup flour, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 egg, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking
powder, 1/4 cup almond milk.

Oh, and add 1 serving of chocolate chips(30g)

Best pancakes ever. Make them every week. 

Travis S says:

dat quality though! Nice pick up. I hope you told the employee at the
store that you were going to make it the most pissening camera they ever
sold to anyone .

Lijah Lee says:

Lookin lean fam, never saw you look leaner before mirin no homosexual 

bex a says:

i wouldn’t call this a pancake, id call it eggs lol.

Dukeoden7458 says:

Good video bro.

Afjal Ali says:

Mirin that camera quality brah p.s your pancake is an egg white omelette;p

NickFit says:

almond butter is so hng. been getting like all my fats from that + Peanut
butter for the past several weeks. mirin pancake will try/10

Robert says:

LOOOOOOKING HELLA LEAN BRAH! Mirin sweet omelette recipe also lol

AussieFighterBrah says:

buckwheat pancake mix (kodiac cakes) get on it m8 trader joes cookie butter
ontop is goat

Mimi Rapping says:

Nice new toy :D

Jack Roman says:

Camera is nice! Have you completely cut fruits out of your diet during the

Ricardo García says:

I make them pretty often but I add a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder
to the egg whites and damn they taste a thousand times better! Try it bro

@JohnRedcorn says:

WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Low carb pancake aka sugar omelette with

LemonadePvP says:

camera looks great bro, you’re lookin great too man keep it up

Erik TheElectric says:

Sitting here crushing a box of honey bunches of oats and I’d kill for that
pancake brah. MIRIN! +RZFitnessTV

Abdel Shanan says:

u don’t eat fruits during a diet ?

Daniel Aguirre says:

+RZFitnessTV so good bro,I made it this morning..thank u for sharing.

george george says:

Hey man love your videos. I would like to ask you a question I am 16 I’ve
been going to the gym for a round 3 and a half months I have notice a small
change what would be the best
way to bulk up in your opinion

Divi Alcoverde says:

Happy 4 yah brah, keep up the good work!

Michael Jordan says:

I’m taking a shit while watching this. 

Hugh G. Rection says:

turnitin gave me 2% plagiarism for typing “the main” srs

Pure_DaJo says:

Could you make a video on how you make your chicken with rice and brocolli?

Hack Attack Fitness says:

Morin that split pancake game go sho

Jamie Wood says:

i still cant believe how lean you’ve got over the past couple of months!

hunts49 says:

mirin everything (school stuff, new cam, pancake, physique.. fuarrrr). new
camera looks great, and i am going to have to try these pancakes out.. not
even on a BB diet but they look legit at any time.

liftfforglory says:

What is your major?

Thomas Nilsson says:

You write lab reports in word? Have you considered alternatives such as
LaTeX? Much easier for formulas etc :)

Emilio Cesario says:

Any reason why u use that low calorie syrup as opposed to walden farms
calorie free? Mirin recipe will try

Andrew Hernandez says:

Quality is absolutely ridiculous, great vid!

tony wroten says:

if i used whole eggs instead of the egg whites would it be piss still?
also hella mirin blending with no lid

Calvin Greenfield says:

Seems like you could kill it in physique, why compete in bodybuilding?

Matty Cuschieri says:

Ohhh man that quality looks sweet bro hahaha
So worth it man!!! Now we got ya in HD !! Yeaaa boi hahaha

Pancake looked sick man. Adding that to my to do list for sure!

Cristian Salinas says:

Quality of camera is as clear as the striations of your chest 

famasfan10 says:

Neither you or Travis can flip omelettes/pancakes yet I still enjoy
watching wayyyy more that food network /10

Anjali says:

Awesome video!

OMagicks says:

Yo what year in college r u and how old r u

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