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bodybuilding cutting diet.

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The Under Network [ Channel Has Moved ] says:

Your video ended abruptly and also why the fuck is there a red light in
your bathroom?

Kelly Andrews says:

Hahaha canola oil and canned tuna. This is why people shouldn’t listen to
amateur dumbfucks on the Internet. That shit is basically poison, you might
as well drink motor oil and eat dog shit you pleb.

00000000000000o0 says:

yo rage get ur shit from restaurant depot its the best bang for ur buck!
40lb box of chicken breast for $60, box of 12 pack jumbo eggs for $25 

TheRage191 says:
Pen1980IM says:

How much oatmeal do you eat a day shrimpdick?

Harlo76 says:

Love Tuna but concerned about mercury.

5pecialist says:

The 30 banana a day eating bitch is leaner than you tho lol

Tony tran says:


Jared Kitzrow says:

no chicken or red meat WHAT A PUSSY come on rage ill suck ur dick right off

josherz Channl says:

It’s not a cutting diet you autistic fuck. It’s your poverty diet cus you
work at fuking Wendy’s. Retard.

mazzmari says:

Yo Mike B, does your mom make you keep all those egg whites in your

Ruter Ralph says:

fat is not a feeling lol

ben bacon says:

Yo mike can you do a video were you cook and eat the meals. I like watching
those types of videos when I eat myself 

allnattyBRO says:

what about fast digesting carbs post workout?

Chris Garcia says:

I can see your starting to eat clen and tren hard. Btw that protein powder
is for faggots .

Chuck Norris says:

Mike the hero showing what a real diet is. God damn I’m fucking sick of
eating egg whites and hot sauce tho. 

pale orc says:

Sickening gayass music edit fgt

Eduardo Elliott says:

How many cals carbs a day 


some stinky motherfucker

maRk John says:

Canola oil lol

GuitarDude1 says:

Broscience. 1900s nutrition. middle age nutrition. Magic foods that work.
Brotard foods

Ghast Dagger says:

3 vids in a day it sick

SickKent says:

Egg whites, egg whites, egg whites, sweet potato-sweet potato-sweet potato.
Lol “walking around with some stink ass breath, like some nasty
motherfucker….”. Hahaha.

jacob Uwanawich says:

Eat stupid clean to get stupid lean appreciate the editing dope vid.

I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive. says:

Wtf is wrong with the music m8, sound fgget as fuck

lennysnipsofpeace says:

Where’s Jason

Earl Wanker says:

.. strong poverty diet/10.. 

PLoFresh says:

post a lifting video you pussy ass bitch

Freddy Olsen says:

veggie oil is basicly palm oil

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