bodybuilding diet at chinese takeout?

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what should a bodybuilder eat when he goes to a chinese takeout?

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TheRage191 says:


swagcity says:

Bro your physique is average as shit. Your strong as fuk I’ll give you that
but your an average poor dude whos not getting paid to look good why eat
like that? Get some general tso’s like a fuckin 5 star general and enjoy
yourself. Lold hard I eat food I actually enjoy and still get results. 10
dollars for that shit I wouldn’t eat that shit for 10 dollars that chicken
looks like the cheapest shiitiest fucking quality I ever seen looks like
their slicing up rats in the back. Stop going to hole in the wall shit
places, fix your shit bitter attitude, get a better job, and start buying
organic shit cook up steaks enjoy your shit existence. Understand you
bitter bitch? 

Darius The Great says:

hat the fuck? for 10$ you could buy fuckin 3 lbs of chicken breast and a
couple lbs of brown rice. strong use of poverty budget

Kay gotsole says:

That’s not real chicken, its rat. I’m not joking either.

Chrono says:

Hey all you guys talkin bout sodium… Yea you.. If u fuck up and eat this
shit.. Just stop drinking water the rest of the day or at least just sip
only when you have to. You will look even better the next day. They always
say drink more water to flush it out.. thats fucking dumb.. If you just
limit your water intake after.. What is your body gonna store if their isnt
any new water coming in? Exactly nothing. Just cut your water down to like
1/4th of what you usually drink and you may actually dry out even more
because your body is gonna keep flushing cuz it was use to having lots of
water. And then the next day when your body has already processed the
sodium kick the water back up.

AC/DC says:

NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW shit you broke dumb fuck. You and your skinny legs and
little belly… Average physique at best.. Enjoy your work day at Wendy’s

MrVatoloco99 says:

Sodium is bad? Lol

Aaron Kohen says:

What do you say to people who say you are a bro scientist talking about
brown rice and chicken breast and yams and egg whites etc in your other

ShowTyMe Fitness says:

This video is too high quality for you man you sold out damnnnn haha

upandaway eastbay says:

where u get $10 from? using that there youtube money for some take out huh?
but why in the fuck would you buy that shit moe moe? thats like going to
the strip club and telling a bitch she dont have to take off her clothes
and you give her money anyway….man i swear the more and more i fucking
watch you the more Rich Piano and jason geovoni sound sooooooo fucking

bicmyflic25 says:

no man, general tso chicken ftw. 10 dollars for a bunch of fried up fuckin
breading. I swear people on this boyduilding/youtube fit bullshit are
retarded. They are into “fitness” yet wont eat anything that’s not breaded
and fried lol. I don’t give a shit what you eat just please make some
goddamn sense for my own sanity’s sake!

W-3-I-R-D-0 says:

I fucks wit dat 5 wings fried rice..hits the fucking spot.

HughMyronBorrough says:

Dude, I’m gonna type as sober as possible, that honestly looks fucking
pathetic and disgusting compared to my meal. And I’m being one hundred
percent serious. Sorry we don’t cook shit that was previously in cans.
You’re a fucking joke dude, and I’m dead fucking serious. Get a real family
that cooks good food, drinks beer and wine and wine coolers and has a good
fucking time, and has a million dollar house on the beach, I’m seriously…
don’t ever post your fucking poverty dinner on these forums ever the fuck
again bro, and by bro I mean never my bro, fucking maggot.

LannyPRStrength says:

Heck no I’m eating everything pissening hindenburg style.

kevin stj says:

CT Fletcher’s son? (the swearing).

Swolbraham Lincoln says:

Why the restaurant is so quiet ?

Sir Andrew says:

bruhhh, if you think that’s real chicken, god bless your soul

Freeworkout Playlistsdotcom says:

may as well make that shit yourself. Bodybuilding shouldn’t change your
life it should add to it. If you want a chinese once in a while get
whatever the fuck you want.

Fake Will Smith says:

i eat chinese food 

SkyeKingdoM says:

general toe lmao i’m done

Adam Jordan says:

sodium for days bro

Lorfmor says:

I have seen how they make their food, I sometimes peek over the desk and
seriously one of the cooks came out with a big bag of sugar and poored like
a fucking ton into the wok. I men WHYY!?!?! I can eat and enjoy that food
without all that sugar..

Chris Garcia says:

You’re such a faggot rage 

apieceoftofu says:

Jesus Christ Mike… enough with the lame videos of a plate piled with
boring ass high-protein meals. WE GET IT DUDE! Film some lifts or some
trolling or some raging. Nobody gives a shit about your phucking diet.

NateHigerrz says:

No fukin way I order that if I’m getting chinese… I’m getting something
good. Eat good most of the time and there’s no prob ordering some General
Tao’s wutever once in awhile. 

Big L says:

Can u eat all that? 

Chrisco Coalminer says:

Lol pays $10 bucks for bland tasteless processed rat meat. Buy a rice
cooker, buy a steamer (asian bamboo steamer), and buy some chicken breast
and marinate in teriyaki sauce

Long Journey says:

I hear they use steam rat meat. I guess it still ckn cause it taste like it

Chrono says:

“General Toe-Sows” lol not even close.

Kevin Ramos says:

Good tips for those who dont know whats healthy. People just needa use they
common sense about whats not healthy 

TheRage191 says:
Isaiah Meyers says:

I would’ve just ate that shit out the box but that’s just my 2 cents 

pantherfan 4055 says:

fuck the chicken all about the shrimp

kevin stj says:

why do you swear so much?

Santino Costa says:

Bro Chinese after lifting is that next level shit

murderislegal says:

“You don’t gotta be a fucking fat ass.” Hahaha killed it,

fragzsaus says:

looks like shit bro but hey whatever floats your goat

Offended then Unsubscribed says:

Chicken looks like gizzard scraplets

HughMyronBorrough says:

The “alright” at the end fucken cracked me up. 

Matt Roma says:

it aint chicken tho.. its steamed cat

ZECRiiN says:

Fucking ?

pingi223 says:

what about that kool-aid

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