Bodybuilding com Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Mass Training Overview

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Joffrey Benedict says:

Whenever I want to shock my muscles I do bicep curls in the squat rack.

– Joffrey Benedict,
Reddit Gold user and moderator of /r/fitness

Alfred Msungama says:

…anyone have any idea where I can watch pumping Iron?

Frank Rigon says:

“It’s because I shocked the muscle…….” -Arnold

Minty Mag says:

amazing. his physique in his prime was perfect. i never really cared about
body building or lifting at all. i didnt really understand just how much of
an art it really is. you are literally sculpting your body through rigorous
routine training and turning it into a work of art. it really felt like i
was looking at a living greek sculpture as i watched the video, a godlike
depiction of man in real living flesh. its fascinating.

MrWelschvideo says:

In another interview didn’t Arnold say he didn’t drink milk? 

Henry says:

and without a good nutrition yuh ain’t getting that, food is expensive AF
now days especially good food

Jay Jones says:

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays mind games with his muscles.

Joeyto Perez says:

Does anyone know the song they used in this? (At around 8:13)

StabStabStabStabby says:

“shock” principle to build muscle is broscience. Your muscles grow from
progressive overload. you dont need to “confuse” them by varying up your
routine. You just need a solid routine consisting of the big compound lifts
(with accessory lifts afterwards) and progressive overload.

Joanna Papas says:

Bodybuilding com Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Mass Trainin…:

79dogface says:

I wish I could work out with this guy!

xaniiu says:

Arnold is an amazing speaker.. love this dude

Julius Fawcett says:

I like the comfort zone

JYC422 says:

7:02 lookit his wee thumb

Wyatt Emery says:

You don’t see body builder like Arnold anymore for mr.olympia you see power
lifters that’s why there so freakishly big

MonsterqGaming says:

He admits taking steroids in pumping iron. But he definitely still did a
lot of proper body building

Gowtham Rajakumar says:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

David Quinn says:

Arnold impressed me until he was caught humping that butt ugly Hispanic

Rapist Kootra says:

I’m just sitting here eating my halloween candy

Yaabja Geesood says:

……….Damn!…He is still got muscles..i wonder how he maintains with
that age.

Misa Nistrean says:

arni swarz )

Trilby McTip says:

Redditor here! It’s too bad crossfit wasn’t around back then. Arnold would
have been a real champ and not have died out so early in his career.

– Trilby McTip, Redditor and Moderator of /r/crossfit

Curtis Wiles says:

That is what you call training

MikeyRGuitar says:

What was so impressive is that he looked normal still, like a human. He
looked like he could run, jump and compete in many sports. He was lean yet
muscular, tanned yet healthy looking. Guys nowadays are freaks, they waddle
out on the stage and look like they are about to take a dump in their

Mr.Knife says:

I just love this

Halven åttionio says:

It’s sad to hear all this broscience come out of Arnolds mouth, im not
surprised though, at his time that’s pretty much all they had.
So a piece of advice to you beginners, take everything that comes from
unnatural competative bodybuilders (especially those from the 80s) and most
of the youtube “experts” with a grain of salt, 90% of these barely know
anything about anatomy and physiology.

PS, with youtube “experts” i mean channels like Sixpackshortcuts,
Hodgetwins and physiquesofgreatness.
Do yourself a favor and listen to guys like Layne Norton instead.

Antonio Pocho says:

Thanks for sharing!

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