Bodybuilding Breakfast / Power Oatmeal

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Typically what I’ve been eating for breakfast.

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jc1 af says:

What do u do for a living 

LaGekko says:

Have you ever taken prohormones or test? Also how long have you been

Rich S says:

U are just so beautiful.. Del, as always truly amazing..

Seeksbbldr says:

pecs have easily become your best body part. They have exploded the last
year or so…..keep it up!

Ellismore Holems says:

what are you weighing right now?

Jaime Caraveo says:

I’m just starting my cut…how much cardio do u do..and which machines or
exercises do u prefer for cardio.. Thanks bro..keep up the hard work

MichaelOSU13 says:

LOVE that you’re posting vids again, Delro! Enjoy the motivation push
you’re giving your fans and supporters.

Let us know how to keep you around and posting videos

mrxlmuscle says:
jmorgan64 says:

Looking huge & hard – – just finished making my oatmeal (steel cut) for the

num82ndbase says:

Yo it’s pretty much gay dudes watching ur channel. Do more workout vids

David Fitzgerald says:


framer540 says:

OMG,,,you are one sexy stallion.

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