Bodybuilding Breakfast!

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This is the meal I usually break my fast with! healthy and great tasting, check it out.

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Will's Workout Workshop says:

thanks man

Will's Workout Workshop says:

thanks bud!

unanimous300 says:

Main, that stir fry looks good. I know it tastes good too. Keep doing good,
Holmes. PS: Most muscular, my favorite.

Will H says:

great meal & great pose at the end

Will's Workout Workshop says:

yea man eat lots of kidney beans and chic peas those are high in protein,
you can also go for quinoa, millet, and nuts are good for protein but they
are a bit higher in fat. You could also look for vegan protein powders?
just read the label to make sure there’s no traces of stuff that would be
bad for ya. hope that helps dude

Gogurt Squirt says:

I have a genetic disorder which means I eat a strict vegan diet (no animal
products&bi-products) and really have to watch how much protein I have a
day (protein powder is a big no no) Do you have any advice for me?

Will's Workout Workshop says:

haha thanks man, gotta get in those veggies I swear they are the best thing
for ya

Jake C says:

nice vid man. that stir fry look so good. no wonder you look so good. lol.

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