Bodybuilding Breakfast

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An example of my bodybuilding breakfast. After 8 hours of fasting your body needs a lot of nutrients to replenish itself. Having a big breakfast with good amount of protein and carbs is essential….

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Hibouda says:

I dont really think you have to use glucosamine at your age… you have
enough with your fish oil (omega 3) to prevent and help futur problems with
your joints… Thats a good breakfast mannnnnnnn, keep it up :)

VF Bodybuilding says:

@BERGATHLETICS Thanks Dan. That means a lot. Specially coming from you as


Another great vid!

MusclebibleByST says:

Bro, you’re cutting and eating BREAD to cut??? Won’t cut anything but
you’re pancreas, and muscle tissue and insulin sensitivtiy…..

VF Bodybuilding says:

@Hibouda Well coming from a family with loads of joint problems and bone
problems etc, you never know, also with the whole heavy ass weights putting
pressure on my bones. So you can never be too careful I guess lool Thanks
for the comment though. Really appreciate it

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