Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE Check out : -Facebook Bodybuilding Page :…

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Luka Kirasić says:

Jeff Seid you are a LEGEND ;)

Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding) says:

Amazing video dude, love the music!!

RoWoolin says:

Although Iam not interested in this guys, the movie is not bad ;-)

strecharmstrong uk says:

Would of been gd if there where real bodybuilders in it

mrreginator says:

I wonder who in this video is natty?? Ohh wait nooonee but hey eat clen
tren hard haters gonna hate

IAmThomasss says:

This hyped me up brah! Sick video

Kostantinos Bliziotis says:

You show us the god Jeff Seid with the others fucking shredded
athletes,and then u show us a scene of this shit Marc Fitt..hah

sidowninc says:

Awesome bunch! wish Zyzz could be there.

JS すい じゅんすい says:

How long it takes to get that body? I don’t think to do better than them,
but if I look pretty close to it would be enough for me.

alex k says:

die music höre ich schon zum 1000mal hoch und runter ohrwurm und das video
ist auch sehr geil muss ich sagen bestes was ich bis jetzt gesehen habe 

ryanl62 says:

Those facial expressions when posing in the mirror… Vain douchebags.

Chris Ingram says:

I wonder if they all shower together

Кристиян Миладинов says:


BodyBuilding Eu HD says:

Bodybuilding and Fitness Motivation – BELIEVE
Thx for 8k Subs!!!!
New videos coming soon!

Darryl Cooper says:

Can’t stop watching this video!! 

Joseph Boring says:

Who’s the guy at 1:45

Wayne Prezzler says:

Decent vid but Zyzz did all this way back when …..

Tyler Page says:

This is like the one direction gay “body building” style.

Elze77 says:

It reminds me an episode of Malcolm in the middle ! x)

kolozs10 says:

2:07 who is that guy?

Patryk Michnacki says:

My Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mahmoud mohammed says:

the name of the song bro….

Adam Just says:

song name = Trtonal colors :D

RuzZtie Orbit says:

Who is the guy at 2:26 ? PLEASE i need to know (Black haired)

Diego pansini says:

and what the name of the song?

Christian Rottschäfer says:

Billige Zyzz kopi omg …

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