Birthday Bodybuilding Breakfast

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Hey guys, just a quick video showing you what I had for breakfast on my birthday. Just showing you can enjoy nice food while prepping and stick to your macros! Facebook:

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Fitness Kiwii says:

Happy belated birthday Pete! You seem to be getting really into your bakes.
Have you ever tried some recipes for cooking or baking with quark? It’s a
good and cheap protein source but I can’t stand the taste.

PeteMercerFitness says:

That’s always the challenge. Finding food replacements with a better macro
profile that don’t taste bland. I just got a new mint protein cheesecake
recipe a couple of days back, going to try it soon. I’ll see if I can find
some quark recipes that would taste good.

PeteMercerFitness says:

Thanks Kiwi! I’ve always enjoyed baking, now I’m just experimenting with
old favourites and trying to tweak them to suit the ‘bodybuilding
lifestyle’. I’ve never used quark, will definitely look into it. I’m sure
with some sweetener or vanilla extract you could improve the taste!

PeteMercerFitness says:

Just like any other :)

Brandon Campbell says:

Hope you had a great bday!

PeteMercerFitness says:

Thanks chick! Happy belated birthday to you too, it’s a good month :)

jahr1433 says:

Happy Belated Birthday. Mine is yesterday! Yay for February babies :)

Fitness Kiwii says:

I tried some sweeter and vanilla extract. It’s kind of ok to eat it with
that but not that good. I baked a cheesecake with quark, some eggs,
sweetener and vanilla pudding, it was quite decent. But I think with some
experiment it could be made really tastefull. And the makros were extrem
good for a cake ( 20p, 6c, 3f per 100g)

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