Best Fat Loss Diet Tips for Men

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Diet tips for losing stubborn bodyfat. Bodybuilding Diet e-Book: Like my Facebook Page: Follow me on Twitter: Dieting…

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Lee Hayward says:
Dippedinblackink says:

Damn did I step into a 1990’s flex magazine or something? Talk about
outdated information. 

geisiel cesar says:

Thanks Lee just what I have been looking for.

Joseph Diaz says:

good video!

Jordan jazy77 says:

Hello Lee, I am Jordan from Burma ( Myanmar ) and I want to thank you for
all of your great advice for all the men who want to know all about fitness
and diet. I’ve got a question and the question is that is it possible for a
27 years old man to build muscle? I am already 26 and half and trying to
workout at the gym, but most of my friends told me that I can’t improve
very much because they say I am not a teenager anymore. Can you please
answer my question?
Thank you.

seafordmarines says:

Hey Lee, I must say I’ve watched your videos for quite awhile and I must
say I incorporate all your tips for proper form such as arching your back
on a bench press, 90° wrists on a dumbbell bench press, proper form for a
preecher curl and Many many others. My question is pertained to loose skin
around my mid section that can be mistaken as fat. I’ve dropped multiple
percentages in body fat, have had some serious muscle growth and I diet
regularly every day with multiple meals, high protein, 5-6 days of work
outs and with out cheating as im very motivated at the moment. What can I
do to add in my in my fat loss or do to tighten my mid section. I already
follow all your work outs to the letter and have been for while. It’s just
my mid section that’s holding me back now from achieving my goals for the
summer. Please help your the only one I trust lol thank you Mr muscle
building coach

Kelly Fitzgerald says:

Awesome video Lee. Thanks!

tumer47k says:

Great video .. Thank you

Micheal Beers says:

…you said 10 seconds of info in 10 minutes………

YoungVisionary says:

Hey lee, quick question, for some reason i burn out fairly quickly on chest
and other days as well, any tips or tricks?

petrovichluzhin says:

Hi lee I just found your videos. I’m starting a lifting routine to help cut
fat and not to body build but your videos still helpful since I believe
that lifting heavy weight creates a metabolic advantage in between

Abid Khan says:

He should jump on MFP and track his calories/macros.

Luke Peters says:

Hello Lee, I have to say that I’ve followed you for about 2 years now and
you come across as really friendly, resourceful and hard working! I used to
follow a lot of your body building guides for about a year and they helped
me out alot so thank you! i stopped going frequently about a year ago and
started again 4 months ago but I recently had 2 serious injuries just after
i restarted; torn neck tissue (a previous injury, but resurfaced when i did
side lateral raises, perhaps my form was wrong) and tennis elbow. so as you
can imagine I lost alot of muscle mass, tone and endurance. I have 2
questions for you- 1) is ‘muscle memory’ real? and will it help me get back
to where i used to be faster? 2) with those injuries, would it be safe to
continue heavy weight body building?

David Thompson says:

Any tips on when you are down to about 3-4 inches of stomach fat but you
just cant shift it , no matter what you do

christ emmanuel says:

hey lee im trying to do a water diet so can loose fat and workout at the
same time help me

Richard Holtom says:

How long after a workout, before the cut off point before it does not
count, can you have the starchy meal?

yamuiemata says:

Great video Lee and also the e book is fairly easy to understand even for
some how doesn’t know much about nutrition

Jamed Aldrich says:

what is your take on dairy and lowering male hormones because of the
female hormones that farmer give their cows? 

Paparmane says:

what year is that? 2010? all kindz of broscience lol

leon flowers says:

Hey great video. Very informative. My only goal Right now is to bench 315.
What kind if advice or routine can you share that will hflp me reach my
goal. Thanks 

moneyafro says:

Such an informative video. Thanks Lee

Key Warlord says:

Great video, always great to come to this channel everyday, good channel
keep it going :) 

wheelchair_muscle says:


Soldier of Ireland says:

Is he part Irish or something, because I’m Irish and some words he
pronounces are in an almost Irish accent 😛 

Mohamed Nabil says:

Hey Lee, but I thought meal timing was Irrelevant? If I am on a defict ….
then what’s the problem with Carbs at night?

Eugene O'Keeffe says:

Good advice bud

Ahmed Altherwi says:

Thank you so much, Lee

I enjoy watching your videos which they are really informative. Following
you day by day I found a big change in body. What I would say to you is a
lot of thanks for ever.


Alexandra Cristea says:

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