Best Aesthetic Natural Bodybuilders 2015

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Close Tritonal & Paris Blohm feat. Sterling Fox – Colors (Culture Code Remix)

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aesthetics athletics says:

#lazarangelov #jeffseid #sergiconstance 

aesthetics athletics says:

#lazarangelov #jeffseid #sergiconstance

Josh Herridge says:

sergi is deffo not natural look at the acne on his shoulders 

Fluxeyyyy says:

If these guys are natural my mom’s a virgin

YoutubSUCKZ says:

the best aesthetic natty bodybuilders are kali muscle, rich piana and mike
o’hearn. then these guys.

tramg says:

Natural…. LMAO

Mahir Nargalić says:

Neither one of these is natural.

Erich von Manstein says:

natural my fat ass, just less drugs and less calories than the pros.

95TurboSol says:

Nice to see natural body builders for a change, gives me the inspiration to
keep going, building naturally is so time consuming and hard work it really
can make you feel as though your not making enough progress when comparing
yourself to the guys on hormones, you have to stop and be realistic about
how long it takes, it’s all worth it in the end, and naturally built bodies
always look better in the end IMO anyway, not to mention you will be

WeBeChillin420 says:

people crying steroids all over the place… their size isn’t from juicing
their brains outs. its how they stay lean 24 7. so them being on roids
doesn’t really matter to what can be achieved naturally when talking about
their size 

Peter Halat says:

It is POSSIBLE and PROBABLE that they are drug free, despite what the
HATERS assume and claim

david reina rodriguez says:

Natural?? Jahajajajajajajaja

SerbianMachoMan says:

Jeff Seid is a fkn dumbass ignorant kid…
I have no respect for him at all.
Btw, none of them is 100% natty.

Sam Thompson says:


Dudeimback29 says:

Jeff Seid natty

Kim Cornell says:

Let’s see these guys take random bimonthly drug tests and post their
results! And what’s with this music? Metal gets me pumped up to work out,
not fucking dubstep!

Sideways Forever says:

Natural… *WTF*

Royce Garcia says:

If I was aesthetic and people told me I used juice or roids I’d punch them
in the face so hard their face would shrink twice as small as their
ignorant hating minds

Chad Taylor says:

Look natural to me, maybe if you’ve been training less than 5 years you
wouldn’t think so.

Khotta Bogard says:

2:07 if i was him i would never ever expose my legs in public, NOT A SINGLE
SQUAT DONE IN THIS VIDEO. Sergei needs to learn something about

Big Joe says:

Not everyone takes roids to be big, a little winstrol, primo, or anavar
with a very clean diet and (presto) your small and ripped.

Ezzy Fezzy says:

Hahahaha no one from this vid is natty!!!
Accept it

Alberto H. L. says:

Best Aesthetic Bodybuilders

Валентин Аминев says:

Best Aesthetic Natural Bodybuilders 2015:

Alexei Lesukov says:

Acting out like a total DOUCHE is not cool. These guys dont draw the
attention that bodybuilders do because they look like normal dudes. They
are a bunch of attention grabbing wannabes. One should always be humble and
not draw attention to one self, at least that is the way confident people

aesthetics athletics says:
Bill Shatner says:

these guys ain’t fucking natural in a million years. hey “superdrol” the
powerful designer steroid is still legal to buy in the uk and of course not
regarded as a controlled substance rather a “supplement”. so anybody taking
that isn’t on steroids”? I bet you a pound to a pinch of shit these guys
are also on growth hormone too..

Nick Wilson says:

Get that stupid look off your faces.

bepofazo says:

men + anavar, sustanon, winstrol, danabol, HGH, insulin …. 😀
NOOO natural!!

Jhonnyx Hunter says:

as natural as poison

a frightened alpaca says:

You picked out horrible footage of Jeff Sied. In the first clips where he’s
outdoors that’s really recent and he’s bulking. There’s videos where he
looks a lot more shredded than that, like the night before his Mr.Olympia
comp. pics, or when he won his first pro card.

DBmuscle says:

The truth is that a lot of these guys that claim to be natural are not . .
some are . .but usually a guy is taking something to get their body to
respond and put on the lean muscle. Don’t be fooled. .

jacobmufasa says:

lazar is as real as his beard.. transplant

aestheticDuck says:

natural or not you should show some respect..
btw I believe jeff is natty, come at me

Dense ᴴᴰ says:

Lazar Angelov natural? Bitch please,,,

Ryan Smith says:

Lol. Natty. Lol

Ahmed JABER says:

Natural ?????!!!!!!!!!! R u donkey ?

chrism6 says:

All you cunts are fucked! According to the internet anyone with muscle
these days has to be taking steroids! Forget about good genetics, hard work
over time, they mean nothing. Just because you cant build any muscle with
your terrible genetics and work ethic, don’t hate on people that can build
muscle without drugs. Go take up netball or something you are in the wrong
hobby. Fucking haters. I’ve gained 6 inchs in my arms with no drugs,
started with 10.5 inch arms now got 16.5 over 8 years same body fat levels.
Dont tell me people that start with 13-14 inch arms cant get to 18’s or
larger naturally. Plenty have done it!

Scott McGreevy says:

Yep …more natural steroid bodybuilders. 

Bodybuilding Bible says:

natural my ass

Zyzz Songs says:

naturals hahahahah ofc.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Lazor is a Greek Statue

Gianluca says:

For those saying these guys arent natural And that you been working out for
years and still dont look like this.. Do you really think you train as
hard? I see guys at the gym who have been there for years and i know for a
fact they arents training as hard. (Socializing, on their phones, taking
too long of a rest between sets, not eating after training during that
anabolic window) Are you counting macros and putting 110% in diet, training
and sleeping properly? Do you know what supplements to take and when to
take them? What carbs to eat before and after training? How much protein
per lb of body weight are you having? These guys results come from pure
hard work. Even if some of them are on juice they still have to work hard
you cant just juice and sit on your ass. Therefore juice or not they
deserve the respect because guarantee most people would never even be able
to just jump on cycle and look this way. 

Μανος Βρεττος says:

HahahahH ah hahaha not natural at all

Jamsheed LongTingg says:

Song Name: Tritonal & Paris Blohm – Colors (Culture Code Remix) :D

Maksym Sviridov says:

are they really that big, so people blame them in taking roids? srsly? if u
look at the calisthenics athletes they have pretty similar body, shredded
all year 6packs etc… Those who does rings and handstands have pretty
massive shoulders. Even if they DO take roids…its still not even close to
human body limit bois.

banabb89 says:

How does one define “natural”?

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