Ben Pakulski BEST Training Split For Hypertrophy (BUILD MUSCLE)

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Visit – – Ben Pakulski BEST Training Split For Hypertrophy (BUILD MUSCLE) – If you want learn proper training split to build m…

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Fahad Humayoon says:

Example: For Chest,
Monday : Bench Press, Inclined Bench Press, Decline Bench Press
Wednesday : Dumble Pullover, Cable Crossovers, Pec Flys 

nicker1090 says:

LOL the girl in the back doing curls…. dat form doe

Murat şentürk says:

recover time varies from person to person, I am gonna 3 splits so 6 days
workout ı see results

aaronlara05 says:

2 days off.. 

M. Fatani says:

Just a thought, you trained your calfs every day for 5 years and got
results. But your recommending giving your muscles 2 to 3 days of rest to

Would your recommend thatn workload for lagging calfs, what about doing
that for abs too, to work these muscles out every day for years? What about
another muscle, like delts?

Just wondering/trying to think out of the (training split) box…

jokisha999 says:

…’s strange to see my face on my t shirt.

clearwater1231 says:

the image to this video said training spits :( i wanted to see spit

ViiraL Pateel says:

he always come up with rational answers for all your questions..!! 

Matthew Hall says:

Abs, chest & back
Legs & shoulders
Abs & arms
Chest & back
Abs, legs & shoulders
Cardio, Abs & forearms

pastol gurung says:

Have you seen Ready Set Ripped? (check it out on google) It is a quick and
easy way for you to build muscle fast.

5900James says:

Great advice thanks Ben

Elijah Spinney says:

I thought protein synthesis was elevated for up to 36 hours after a workout
in natural lifters, not 72.

Michel Estifa says:


Steve Kiely says:

People are so quick to judge anybody on the net. Instead we should be
thanking these guys for sharing their thoughts and opinions on training.
There are so many RIGHT ways to get where you need to go.
Bruce lee said it best, take in the information and discard what doesn’t
work. The more information you take in, practice and analyse the better
your progress will be
thanks Ben

Vasil Tonev says:

In all this years (which are still not enough) I understood that the
perfect split can not exist without extremely fast recovering which means
more rapid metabolism and exactly the level I am talking about is connected
with forbidden things

If not there is always a choice to overlook some muscle at the expense of
another and after time to roll the priority in to the other side.

In one good split you also have to put you priorities (muscles) in the
beginning of your split and first in workout

Chris Trickett says:

I’m sure a lot of people would train with that goal, but I have more modest
ambitions, looking like Vince would be good enough for me, there’s a huge
difference between the two of them, but they have achieved what they have
with a lot of common traits in their training. Ben looks good, but Vince
looks better, IMHO.

kxlj926 says:

we ask for the best training split and you tell us all this shit we olready
know this guy just dont want us to be where hes at plain and simple

JBL Pyro says:

this guy is really smart. I am definitely not taking that away from him.
butttt if you want the results he has, you either have to take roids or
workout consistently for about the next 20 years.

babu haque says:

Appreciate Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial
thoughts. Have you ever tried – Basario Amazing Body Domination (do a
google search)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend
Sam at very last got shredded fat free peck muscle with it.

Chris Trickett says:

I train and take this guys tips seriously, but I would not want to look
like him. Half that muscular will do. That’s not to say he’s not a good
role model, but I wanted to say that not everybody who does bodybuilding
wants to look that big.

RiderRohans says:


Trevor Lazarus says:
Jeremy Smith says:
hellere10banditters says:
Paul Franzreb says:

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