!!!BEAST MODE OATMEAL!!! bodybuilding muscle building meal (Big Brandon Carter)

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Aleksa Ninkovic says:

Name of intro song?

coolreem says:

I just made this oatmeal and for the first time in my life this is good!!
I used almond milk instead of regular, but did everything else. I had a
magic bullet, some nuts from the holidays, and bam!
Thanks for sharing.

TREX LEX says:

wow nice body man wish i had that will of yours. But how you doing with
God brother you right with Jesus if your are you the man.

Richard McLintock says:

you’re intro music is bad ass

Ayman Yehia says:

Do you have to use the serup or is that optional mate cheers. :)

Brandon Carter says:
iwishiweregay says:

this is almost exactly what i’ve been doing for years. good shit!

Larayne says:

Lol fo sho

Nitish Sandhu says:

if you people will need to get ripped quick without spending a single extra
minute in the gym, then you have to look at this video tutorial COOK46.COM
¡Míralo! Me temo que vas a echar a arder como siga mirándote de ese modo
con esos ojazos naranjas.

Yakir Elfassi says:

you look good bro

nomercy8989 says:

Can you make a video on how to get nice round and defined shoulders? My
arms are getting bigger but they still look like sausages unless I flex

MrCodaman says:

Can I use peanut butter instead of regular butter, and not to heat in in
microwave, cuz i don’t use it… And how much peanut butter a day is not to
much. Thanks for the video.

Brandon Carter says:


Max Maric says:

yo brandon how much do you weigh now

DonDee21 says:

Thanks to you bro I’ve gotten out this plateau…and actually gaining
muscle mass…gained 10 lbs in 6 weeks..no fat..this shyt actually
works…what you helped me out with was the full body workouts…5 sets of
5 is really working for me bro…thnx!

GainzBro says:

Add a scoop of chocolate protein powder Yum

historiadorderock says:


gffhhgghfg says:


osakakokujin says:

sheeeeet bro, you really getting big as hell. Muscle mass!

R-MAC says:

I know they say eat a big meal after an intense workout, but what if you’ve
eaten a big meal before the workout?

SneakyLix says:

Worried about losing nutrients but microwaving it??? lol 😉

EntertainmentPrice says:

heat that shit up, I don’t fuck with that shit brandon u funny as hell lol

jackulboi09 says:

imma try this

Cracked Statues says:

Can you do a video on your transformation and your natural body type
(ectomorph or mesomorph). How long have you been working out?

Bag Puss says:

You watch Brandon Campbell bro?

Brandon Carter says:

that video is coming soon!

Marko Poskiparta says:

For real, you are =D

Brandon Carter says:


Brandon Carter says:

its not enough, thats why i eat the eggs too

Brandon Carter says:

lol nice!

Brandon Carter says:

lol nope

Brandon Carter says:


Brandon Carter says:


cesar smith says:

Are oat nuts good for protein ?

Darrknesss says:

Cant eat nuts, know any good substitutes i could use instead?

2Shane4ya says:

haha…. nice! i’ll try this!

John G says:

You could get it too.

Ahmed Jaber says:

damn those double biceps

Brandon Carter says:


kaelyrion says:

should add protein to the oatmeal!

Brandon Carter says:

i guess you can. I dont like most peanut butter because it has a lot of
sugar in it

Brandon Carter says:

lol thanks

ItzAlex says:

We don have oatmeal here :( other then oatmeal what can i have? Where i
stay we only eat 3 meals breakfast, lunch and dinner no snack in between :O
and we eat white rice :) hehe REPLY BIG BIG BRANDON!

Syed Ali says:

bbc d bawssss, nuff said

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