BajheeraIRL – Standard Squat & Leg Press Workout – Natural Bodybuilding Vlog

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BajheeraWoW says:

Home from a great date night w/@Warcraftjen:D Streamin some @H1Z1game for
just a bit before calling it a night :)

BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Wanted to take a look at the foundation of my Push focused Leg
Day and chat a bit about my diet and training :D

MrTopGunnar says:

hitting a lagging body part every day is not good… you dont grow inside
the gym you grow while resting. if you go in and beat the shit out of your
traps every day all youre doing is creating those microtears and never
giving it a chance to grow back stronger to its full potential

CarelianSatanicWolf says:

Baj you full natty brah?

Styrkr says:

I think your training is going really well in regards to your goals. I use
a bit more weight on squats, but your legs dwarf mine. Keep it up man.

WarChortle says:

I know you have wraps, but have you tried versa grips? They’re a lot more
convenient if you just want more volume for deadlifting without taxing your
grip too much for other exercises. 

Nathan L says:

1st comment boyz hit em with the flex

Pwent says:

keep it up, Baj daddy!

Phillip Chau says:

I think for your calves, instead of doing it every day, you should do one
day weighted calves then the next body weight. As the hodge twins would
say, do whatever the fuck you wanna doooo
Btw you’ve been making gains baj 

Geroyer says:

Baj do some calf raises with the weight you squat at the squat rack, the
extra strain you have to do to keep your balance will give them some nice,
noticeable mass gain.
Hope it helps!

Jake Rauchfleisz says:

Good stuff Baj! thinking of starting to workout myself XD – Keggles out

Matt Paciulli says:

Cycling your carbs is a very good idea. I do that when cutting 3 on 1 off
so my body doesn’t get used to it and give myself a little treat. I love
all the workout videos

Christopher Law says:

Calves eh, looks like you’ll never collab with omarisuf

Funwithstimpy says:

Oh man, it’s like a Bajheera Christmas with all these Workout video’s
lately. Loving it!

StartThenStop says:

Sexy legs baj, keep up the good work <3

Draconavan says:

2nd! :O

hObO kInG says:

You look like a rugby player.

Shahzaib Khan says:

Good shit Baj.

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