BajheeraIRL – Quality Chest Day & Positive Vibes – Natural Bodybuilding Vlog

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! ­čśÇ Wanted to share some of my Chest Day Workout along with some
good vibes about my diet and training so far :)´╗┐

BajheeraWoW says:
Blackain66 says:

hey baj, already down to 2,3kcals seems low for u
u might consider doing some sort of diet break for at least 2weeks sooner
or later if u aiming to go till july
its better to not stay in a high deficit for longer than 3-4months !
a 2week+ break will help ur body to recover, higher ur testosterone
again and also fasten up the slowed down metabolism so u actually burn more
calories again after that
refeed days are good but dont cut it fully in the long run´╗┐

Relax says:

“Working out is part of my mental state” that is so true same here when I
get lazy and I don’t workout my head is in disarray.´╗┐

Davis Productions says:

Hit ’em with a BLAAAAAAADESTORM.´╗┐

Achille12345 says:

I want these muscles. Kreygasm´╗┐

PppedOwL says:

Hey bajheera what are your thoughts on p90x?´╗┐

uberman121 says:

Keep up the great work man :)´╗┐

Filip Velkov says:

0:20 Name of the song in the background that plays throughout the whole
”advertisement” for the Shirts pls :D´╗┐

Seth Tear says:

Sick, hitting chest today, sweet to have some motivation.´╗┐

Girth McLength says:

Baj something I do tend to struggle with a lot is my natural balance, so
like if i’m benching a lot of the time i will lean from side to side and
one arm lifts before the other, is there something im doing wrong or is it
something that takes time to master?´╗┐

Alex bodea says:

how much quest do u eat baj be honnest man !´╗┐

James Hetfeild says:

You should definitely make a fitness channel, i’d subscribe to it :3´╗┐

harald2011 says:

Oh man, i’ve followed you since the beginning, it’s so amazing to see how
far you have come. I’m glad that your life is working out for you no pun

Watson says:

Hey Baj i love everything you do man, keep up the awesome work! I had a
quick question, i’m at the stage now where i have low body fat and a lot of
muscle mass but my weight has plateaued for the past 4 months after gaining
7kg last year (67-74 current 74kg). So instead of aiming for a specific
weight im now aiming to achieve the adonis golden ratio. Is this a good
goal or is there an average weight to height table i could really use your
help or others on this. Thanks Aiden´╗┐

HoboJoe10000 says:

Okay so take this at whatever value you want, but this video in conjunction
with your physique video here’s just some things to think about after your
competition. First and foremost, you gotta reign in that form man. You
mentioned secondary muscles being worked out with those exercises and your
standard bench is pretty on point, but you’ve got a big issue with your
incline and the arch taking pressure off the muscles you want to target.
You can notice the arch on the machine as well. Have these power sets, but
maybe one week a month or so try to express full control over the weights
and focus on your form and your muscles’ time under tension. Try and put
noticeable pauses at the extremes of each rep. Also, I’m not sure what your
routine looks like, but your back is lacking in both thickness and
definition. You should consider after the competition to exercise your back
to your chest at a 2:1 ratio and go hard on those deadlifts and rows. Like
I said, without knowing your routine I could be way off base, but after
watching these last few videos I thought I might just say something and I
hope it just kinda sticks to the back of your mind. You’re looking great
man, keep up the good work, but always think of ways to improve.´╗┐

Mattos Gaming says:

Hey +BajheeraWoW great vid, was just wondering what you think of the Keto
diet? Heard it was good for weight loss but with bad side effects, thanks.´╗┐

rob l says:

baj u said you eat around 250 prot is that with just eating or eating and
prot shakes ?? also i do the 8 to 12 rep range up to 4 sets but i like to
max the weight for the last set aiming for 6 to 8 drop it to finish off the
12 just to keep tht pressure there also do u do 1 muscle group per day or 1
primary 1 secondary muscle group perday´╗┐

Timothy Zakrzewski says:

I love these videos Bajheera, gives me motivation to get out and make a

Martin Johansson says:

How long time do you rest between the sets? ´╗┐

Kyle Carr says:

Really seeing some veins in your arms there Baj, cut looks like it’s going
well, keep it up´╗┐

sXelysium says:

Best workout video yet brother keep it up!´╗┐

aleks cholakov says:

Go Baj !! No Pain no Gain :) ! I`m sure you gonna crush em` on the 4th :D´╗┐

BogdansFitTV says:

Thats smart to diet slow! You’ll keep as much muscle as possible! :)´╗┐

Sven Gerrits says:

Hit them with the flexs ! ­čśÇ Nice vids, keep it up !´╗┐

Kyle Butcher says:

keep up these vids man! so inspirational ! cant wait to start my workouts
with new cellucor stuff! and my games and gains shirt gunna be legit !
keep at it ! – Doograg´╗┐

nathan williamson says:

Hey bajheera nice video, 1 comment´╗┐

FroztDrake says:

not sure here baj, but ive heard if you do cardio etc without eating you
have a higher chance on losing muscles. This could be wrong tho.. and you
never said you did cardio but thats something to think about.
But since you are eating 250g Protein a day i think you are totally fine.

anyway.. awesome video as always, keep them coming!!´╗┐

ViktorMayhem says:

What aminos are you taking? i need something for during workout seeing as i
take a thermovex pre gym instead of breakfast.´╗┐

Skullash007 says:

Watching this right before I head to the gym for chest and back day.´╗┐

Walton1337 says:

Juice juice juice…´╗┐

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