BajheeraIRL – DOIN’ DEM DEADLIFTS: Getting Back to Business – Natural Bodybuilding Vlog

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Sup guys! 😀 Happy to be getting back into the normal swing of things here at home after getting sick for a bit and traveling a lot :) Wanted to share some of my workout here with you guys…

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Happy to be getting back into the normal swing of things here
at home after getting sick for a bit and traveling a lot :) Wanted to share
some of my workout here with you guys and definitely am planning to get
these going more often for you! 😀 

Christian Cedhagen says:

Does the gloves match your purse? ;)

Korus says:

You need a straighter back when doing deadlifts, you’re bending over
slightly too much! Your technique other than that is good though, but you
don’t want to damage your back :(

Bend down more with your legs, stick that ass out and keep your back as
upright as possible!

fire8085 says:

Just be careful. I worked through those twinges and pain through the big 3
(squats/deadlifts/bench). Turns out my disc was herniated and I was making
it worse – tried multiple modes of therapy and had to opt for surgery.
Check out some work by Dr. Stuart Mcgill for lower back issues and Eric
Cressey as well. You are probably tight in the hip flexor area considering
how much you stream/play WoW. Do auxiliary abdominal work as well to assist
you more. 

TheEpic MMO says:

Hey dude, I started doing deadlifts lately, and managed to get to like 253
lbs, 115 kg’s last week. But the day after I was feeling this pain in my
lower back, just a bit higher than my tail bone, and I couldn’t figure out
wether it were my muscles or just my back. I wanted to ask you if it was
normal to feel this, with sore muscles in the mid back section. 

Ferni says:

lmao wtf around 4;30 about the gg back fucked incoming comments XD

David Rush says:

hey man :DD wha kind of diet are you on now??

illdanrogue says:

Hey Baj, I was wondering if you ever experienced kind of tightness and this
feel just above your tail bone as if you pulled something there after doing
deadlifts? It started about 30 minutes right after I finished deadlifts. I
didn’t use a lot of weight. My guess would be that it might be weak lower
back since I know it is or I perhaps overtrained it but I’m a little
concerned because it’s happened twice. Once when I held on a weight while
doing these what I call them reverse crunches for lower back, and now
second time with deadlifts. I can’t stand straight up properly because it
feels weak.

coldfire22 says:

+BajheeraWoW Sorry for being lazy and not going back to try and find your
workout only vids, but you said you are doing Chest/Back on the same day?
Whats your weekly routine looking like? Chest/Back – Legs – Arms twice a
week or something like that? Chest and back on the same day seems brutal!
Oh and LOVE the tshirt! 

TinandeR says:

Bajheera, don’t do squats. By doing them you are only training thighs. Try
some running to train lower part of your legs.

Petar Djukelic says:

Yoooooo Baj thanks for this upload!! i rly like ur gym videos , help me so

Matthijs Rozema says:

Hey baj, what is your all time fav exercise? With kind regards from holland

Mortal Aethestics says:

Touch and go is the way to go, specially if your working your hams and
gluts, which is keeping constant tension within those muscle’s, but I do
recommend you start upping the weight in order to encounter more balance
between your quads and hams, this imbalance could be effecting some of your
form. But anyways Bajheera, you among other on Youtube gave me the
motivation to begin bodybuilding! For that I thank you, my journey can be
found on my channel. Every little bit of support helps :)

I PartyGiraffe says:

What do you listen to when you work out? 

ToxicusEntertainment says:

Are those things on your hands to stop calluses?

Styrkr says:

baj you do everything wrong and I do it right so plz do it my way plz.

rvandendikkenberg says:

YEAH! Goku shirt :P

Shantanu Zubayer says:

What the? I saw a Son Goku shirt and I had to keep watching.
Seriously though, Bajheera always has entertaining material. Thanks
brother, appreciate your work and content.

Andreas D says:

good job bro, its funny that some get huge and have straw legs :)

Adam O says:

Baj. Have you ever thought of getting a stand up desk for your computer.
Might make your back feel better. Love the vid. Keep it up. 

Dragonthorn29 says:

Hey bajheera have you thought about getting some nice lifting shoes, I
recently started using Nike Romaleos 2 and they help stability on sets ,
helped increase my max as well has increase depth. In my squats, not
telling you to buy them or anything but I just wanted to put it out there.

On the side note, for endurance and muscle gain, what supplements would you

Leo Mendrinos says:

The reason of your back twinge could be the fact that you are going through
the concentric contraction too fast, by doing this you are over recruiting
your back muscles like your QL and Multifidis which is a good thing, but
you they are taking more strain than your gluts/hamstrings. Just a thought,
i may be wrong :) Keep up the good work. 

Deathstroke WoW says:

Deadlift form need’s a little work. you should sit your butt down more to
protect your lower back along with also accessing more your glutes and
quads. That form will work up until a certain point but try to go heavy and
risk bulging a disc. You should also consider switching to a sumo stance
especially with your body structure. 

Varun Das says:

Baj, would you mind doing a video on what your daily meal plan and
supplements are? 

Matthew Emerson says:

How long are your breaks between sets? Lovin the heavy weight 

pspman2007 says:

baj do dead stops on your deadlifts bouncing off the floor creates momentum
making it easier

FroztDrake says:

Baj.. keep training hard.. we need another Transformation video… SS1 >

shinigami says:

Keep up the hard work. I hope other gamers use this as motivation to get
out there and hit the gym in their down time from playing video games.
Working out helps with my reaction time in arenas, it helps me think more
clearly so I can react faster.

BattleBlazr says:

After watching your first transformation video I started my gym membership,
I see your videos to pump me to go to the gym. Glad to see these up. Makes
me wanna go right now haha. Hit em with the flex 

Idkname says:

250k subs… 28 views

TimbobJames says:

Baj deadlifts right in the same corner as I do :’) you’re looking good
too, man.

Colt Garcia says:

Bajheera touch and go is fine I train the same way. Also take a look at
George Leeman he a is a freaking beast and does touch and go Deadlifts.
Have you done the Glute Ham Raise it is a great accessory movement for
Squats and Deadlifts.

Dargrador says:

Bajh what is your PR on deadlifting? just curious :D

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