BajheeraIRL – Chest Day w/ Physique & Diet Goals – Natural Bodybuilding Vlog

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Patrick Pabillare says:

Dat face on the hammer strength machine – SAVAGE

BajheeraWoW says:
Rasmus Svensson says:

Yo Bajh! I was wondering if you could make a video with your workout
schedule. + eating schedule. It would be nice to see. 

kylematel0l says:

Hey Baj.

I’ve just started going to the gym and working on my nutrition and such.

I’m 16 and really skinny due to what seems to be my fast metabolism, my
meals are consistent and diet is pretty good. I’m just wondering if you
have any ideas on how to get out of this slum and start building muscle
mass all around, my legs are already pretty bulky from football/soccer so
they aren’t a major concern atm just my chest and arms really.

Thanks – keep up the good work.

raiden2048 says:

Any weight loss tips?

Dallas Ludlum says:

I love the intensity in the workout. Like other people have said, you look
like you are about to destroy that Gym! Keep up the great work man!

Zaks Tv says:

What a beast! 😀 as i said in a previous vid you look like the human model
in wow 😀 ! That is really sick man :D! i hope that your diet goes well and
your exercises aswell 😀 !

vascokiller says:

Looking good baj keep up the good work :)

George Kenny says:

anyone notic Bajs face throughout the whole vid? look pissed like your bout
to wreck every machine in your way haha great vid bro !

Rambo G says:

Baj, you remember me from your early mop vids?

EmissionC02 says:

What do you use to record in the gym? is it incognito? Likes the IRL vids
man i enjoy watching gym footage

Configurated says:

i can bench the same and + a little, but no way near as shredded as baj, i
have a sixpax but not as low fat %.
Keep up the good work Bajeera and i Gotta ask do cellucore ship to Norway?

M3X1CAN007 says:

Keep up the hard work buddy. If you ever need info or anything on diets
works outs etc you should hit me up, it’s kind of what I get paid for. Also
what are you following? Are you carb cycling (that’s what it sounded like),
have you tried back loading? I know you’re with cell but what are you doing
with your PWO? You mentioned physique as a possibility which doesn’t
require an insane “shrededness”(ie sub 5%) I honestly think it’s the way to
go unless you compete in classic bodybuilding I feel the end of mass
monsters is coming. Anyway would be nice to get in touch with you and
bounce info or something. Best of luck in your fitness journey 

AlgarinCrissaegrim says:

Dude, dropping those subtle hints about those secret opportunities, that
damn cliffhanger doe! 

solkar7 says:

What about Brawn and Beard lol

Jamess UK says:

That shirt is a awesome design

carter roukre says:

Back training?

mma2119 says:

What’s the opportunity????!!!!

Deetawks says:

hey bajh
I was watching one of your other videos and you said you liked to listen
to what sounded like “elvatee” when you workout at the gym i was wondering
exactly that was ive been looking for new music myself that i can use at
the gym

Raul Martinez says:


julian van Limpt says:

Hey there Bajheera. My fitness goal is to inspire people like you with my
instagram account @julianvanlimpt. 4 years ago, I subscribed to your
channel and decided to follow the same road as you do. in one year I will
be competing in the Flex Cup in holland as a men’s physique competiter. The
reason I’ve subscribed to your channel is because I was a die hard world of
warcraft player and played warrior aswell. I want to thank you for the
great work you are doing and keep on inspiring people all across the globe.

Young Chief says:

American ninja warrior 

Adde Addex says:


Enormosaurus says:

Damn, I gotta know what this thing is. Tell us as soon as you can!

brushboss99 says:

Could i get a link to the fitness prog you are using? Would appreciate it a

Krabsovo L.P says:

Great video, Baj! :)

devildogg2121 says:

anyone else notice the guy with 4 10 pound wights and a 5 pound weight on
the bar? lol thats what 45’s are for brah

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