BajheeraIRL – Basic Meal Preparation & Planning – Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness

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BajheeraWoW says:

Sup guys! 😀 Wanted to take a look at how I prepare my meals so that it’s
easier to stay on a solid eating schedule when going after any sort of
fitness goals! :D

dtrrider1 says:

Wheres the broccoli.

Simba IRL says:

Just sayin and clarifying for other people, not hatin, but non bro science
says it’s useless to eat your food for the day in 5 or 6 meals. You can
bulk cut or maintain with 3 or 4 meals without trouble. Regardless, as long
as you’ve prepared the right amount of food in the first place, it’s
absolutely useless to try and make every single of your lunchboxes equal in
terms of what they contain. You also forgot to put vegies in there ;)…

F. B. I. says:

Let’s see a full day of eating with total macros consumed at the end of the

Saint Aza says:

I’m around 230 lbs and 6ft and have just started working out at the gym I
wanna get down to around 190-200 What sort of foods should I eat?

MrJustinArt says:

Yay! Another meal video!

From someone who needs guidelines, I thank you.

1Bloodpaladin says:

I noticed that you eat chicken and rice all the time… you should have
more diverse meals (sorry for bad eng) but still if it works best for you
go for it ;)

ASAP Danny says:

That’s how i weigh my weed

Roman Jerez says:

So each one of those is a meal everyday? 

Hyooga says:

i could never eat one of those every 2 hours, i think my stomach is too
small or something, i’d just feel nauseous at the second.

blownspeakersss says:

I’m really skinny– like 6’2” and 165 lbs, but it’s so damn hard for me to
gain weight. I try to eat as much as possible and lift, but I don’t see any
results. Any tips?

Jonas Poulsen says:

Something new in the house? Something on the walls and more furniture? Want
a vlog about it 😛 But seems like your walls are a bit empty :O

crispers702 says:

Too much dedication but is worth it. But i coudn’t do it.8 I’ll stick with
my beers and eat everything lol. Yea,i know is not healthy but oh well

BuzterOne says:

So no salad? No tomatos? Seems like it would taste like paper :P

dtrrider1 says:

I do something similar, but always eat mine cold.
Rice + Beans (kidney or haricot) + Peas
Meat (chicken or beef mince usually)
Fried Vegetables in plenty of Olive Oil (Broccoli + leek + red peppers)

Dániel Béládi says:

Are you just putting the chicken breast, rice and cheese together and not
adding anything else, like vegetables, or did i just miss something from
what the video is about? :D

Brian B says:

How do you cook the chicken?

kristian garrard says:

You’re out of dish washing liquid bro.

MrBosseidon says:

That’s food for one day?!?!? I thought it was for the week wtf lol

Jonas Poulsen says:

Macros? #showtooltip /Bajcharge fridge
/BajWrath in gym

Gabriel Valiant says:

Very nice video. I usually fail at nutrition first because of bread… 2nd
because my surroundings always end up sabotaging my goals, mainly the facts
that 1. Mexican food is totally unhealthy, and 2. Being forced to live with
my parents (unemployment rate in Mexico…) have me to eat the same they
do. I really like that baj is showing how he prepares his meals, I shall do
the same from now on

brobear says:

Nice simple meal plan great job with your strength progress. 

Ducky1521 says:

I fkn fail at cooking rice… any tips? It’s either always overcooked or
undercooked.. lolz.

ted mohlin says:

Bajheera you should try adding olive oil and oregeno spice to your rice
makes it much tastier and you dont have to add extra cheese to get your
fats in.
I usually also add a bunch of cucumber and salad with it aswell.

Mason Swann says:

Dude thank you for posting this. I was wondering what kind of meal prep you
did. And big fan I like your channel alot. I use your BAJ code for cellucor
stuff all the time. I like your channel beside it’s a good balance of nerd
and jock. 

XIIY Gaming says:

Hey man, just curious how much was the scale and where did you find it? I
have been looking on Amazon for one but I am a little cautious at buying
one from there just in case it breaks or isn’t accurate. 

Sidock Gaming says:

Baj question, i want to build muscle, do you recommend me a plan with more
than 2500 calories? Im really skinny and i want to be bigger

Cyrako says:

what do you do for motivation baj im kinda failing on that was 120kgs at
18% bf now im 113 at 25% bf >< havnt trained in 4 months seems I just can’t seem to be motivated anymore to do anything is rather sad.

dead awake3 says:

Hey baj i know you’re into bodybuilding so do you plan on continuing to get
stronger and bigger. Or are you just trying to maintain what youve already
got? Cuz i gotta say you’ve changed so since cata lol

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