Bajheera – Basic Back Day: Strengthening Weaknesses – Natural Bodybuilding Vlog

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Sup guys! ­čśÇ Wanted to share some of my Back Day workout with you along with some thoughts on my training philosophy during this dieting phase! ­čśÇ Bajheera’s Current Meal Plan …

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BajheeraWoW says:

Won’t be a super long stream, but I wanted to play a bit of #GrandTheftAutoV
for a bit! ­čśÇ Come hang out at –´╗┐

BajheeraWoW says:

Very nice evening walk w/@Warcraftjen:D Going to get some food now & hang
out on the stream a bit more playing some #GTAVPC :D´╗┐

BajheeraWoW says:
Roman Jerez says:

I hate back day so much. ´╗┐

Tanner Boswell says:

To Bajheera or anyone else who might know: Do you take a testosterone
booster/supplement? I’m debating taking one to increase muscle growth.
(Obviously combined with the supplements I already am currently taking.)´╗┐

Bodybuilder Jesus Christ says:

at your 2nd exercise (seated cable rows) you should lean all the way
forward till the plates almost touch each other so your lats will get full

Sam Murphy says:

Are you wearing wrestling shoes?´╗┐

Keith Cassity says:

Hey Baj, so what does your week schedule look like then? Chest/Back, Legs,
Arms/Shoulders, rest and repeat?´╗┐

Alex bodea says:

that new opening dude , Keep going strong bro´╗┐

Ukprothorley says:

hey baj any chance of some advice ive got a pretty strong core but my arms
are weak as hell iv got a 230kg deadlift and only and 95 kg beach any
advice ?´╗┐

Leonardo G. Alfaro P says:

Hey i got a question i hope somebody can help me out, i have like a pain on
my left arm specially in the shoulder, and whern i move it in a circular
motion i feel like a little pop, what might it be?´╗┐

m424786 says:

I do my reps a lot slower than you. I hold at both the top and the bottom
sometimes to get extreme intensity. Slowing down I feel gives me more
intensity also. Am I doing it wrong? Why do you prefer your way and not
like the way I’m describing? Thanks´╗┐

Brandon Patterson says:

What camera do you use to record your workouts?´╗┐

181pottsy says:

Try some different variations on shrugs dude. I found doing dumbbells,
using a machine, using barbell, smith machine with the bar front and behind
you. They’ll all hit your traps but in a slightly different way.

AND do some face pulls, good for the rear delts as well as upper back to
help get it looking like a mountain!´╗┐

Fnatixful says:

if you pull towards you chest you work ur upperback and if you pull towards
your stomach lowerback´╗┐

Exmarine says:

Keep the good work up Bajheera, with every gym video, I see you getting
bigger and bigger!´╗┐

Joe Dainty says:

Baj I lift myself and do a lot of research into form and lifting
techniques, I read an article from Kai Greene regarding shrugs and noticed
you was doing what he said you should avoid, leaning your head forward
whilst shrugging. This places unnecessary stress on the top of your spine
and you should try to stand upright keeping your head up and looking
forwards. Of course this is just my two cents. Keep strong!´╗┐

Gabriel Smith says:

What is the hardest workout day for you?´╗┐

Razimir says:

I do just Deadlifts and Bent Over Rows, because im doing 5×5 fullbody, but
got some pain in back. I wait for Friday what doctor tells me. Hopefully il
be fine:)

And yes, im carefull to have straight back when doing that, but still got
some pain. But it started when i got my back totally blocked. That happend
me bacause my back get cold:(´╗┐

Victor Gonzales says:

your arms looked small when you extended in rows but once you pull back
they blew up a lot´╗┐

Bryan Villamayor says:

Baj I was just wondering, what is your training split during a typical week
for you? Also curious about what kind of volume and rest time you typically
do in between sets. Im guessing since you are doing body building you are
doing high volume and low rest time. Also do you train to failure? I
typically dont because i almost killed myself training bench press a few
times since i train alone a majority of the time. You should do a video on
your specific training regiments for when you are cutting or bulking´╗┐

Fernando Ramirez says:

Your dedication to pumping the iron is awesome Baj…these videos are great
man. I know you will do great in the upcoming figure competition! d-(^_^)z´╗┐

Watson says:

Have you tried late night swole seshs baj? They’re a great way to clear
your mind and relax, love em.´╗┐

XSirCution says:

Is this how you train to be a warrior Bajheera??´╗┐

IPlayVideoGamezz says:

Straight arm pull downs Baj… Straight arm pull downs lol´╗┐

GeT_ LeFt says:

Fan va bra bubbis <3´╗┐

TheClown says:


Mo Gainz says:

Just FYI if you stay more vertical on your pulldowns you’ll be able to
engage your lats a bit more.´╗┐

Tommy Sagli says:

Why no deadlift Bajheera :)?´╗┐

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