13yo Bodybuilding Poses (Beginner)

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If my legs get bigger and more defined I may consider competing. My Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/2XDVT5FPQRB74/

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Steve Ewing says:

great body and arm shape you have, keep up all your hard work´╗┐

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

Yes there is, if you click the link it should take you to a wishlist titled

Bivolari says:

Back double biceps was incredible. All of your poses were great. Very
strong and ripped body. Be proud!

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

I guess genetics and negatives

itsmegp46 says:

There is nothing listed on your Amazon wishlist.

Dan Akin says:

I have watched your videos for a while and you have gorgeous muscles and
veins I would like to see your legs and thighs for flexing and veins too
thank you

muskelfan90 says:

and how does it look like if the biceps is max pumped???

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

Yeah ik, im trying to get to 150lbs but I really don’t know what the hell
i’m doing when it comes to bulking, any advice?

newgeorge says:

fantastic guns!

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

I workout 5-6 days a week. I don’t really follow a diet. Like if I see food
and i’m hungry i’ll eat that shit lol. But sometimes i’ll eat my regular
dinner and then have a can of tuna afterwards (it’s a lot better than it
sounds). I also have protein shakes after workouts and take creatine before

flafly says:

totally shredded for your age. biceps(!), triceps, lat spread and back are
all cut and impressive. abs are killer. keep flexing

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

not as good as you tho essay

msusjb says:

Look at the pec bounces between 0:13 and 0:16 during the flex. Impressive
during that pose.

itsmegp46 says:

I just did, what opens is a page to create a new wishlist.

itsmegp46 says:

I just got on now. It’s 9pm est. and I do have an account.

adahobson cory says:

holy crap…this kid is ripped…check out those biceps,,,

itsmegp46 says:

Eat good wholesome food. Break up your three meals a day into six and add
more to your portions. Ask whoever buys the groceries to pick you up a six
pack or however it is sold of Ensure drink. It’s a can of liquid calories.
Good luck.

M2good2Btru says:

OUTSTANDING!!! keep up the hard work it is really showing well. peace

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

@Edu Alves Yes I’d be very interested, message me

itsmegp46 says:

I don’t know what you want. Start over, put some stuff you need on your
list and I will see what I can do.

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:


momomuscle says:

This person is just trying to piss you off, because they know you look WAY
better than they do. Plain and simple.

68bldsports86 says:

Great new video :)

tauchi says:


Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

I need whey protein and casein protein, I’m running low on it. You can pick
whatever whey protein or casein protein that you are comfortable with
spending the money for and help support me.

muskelfan90 says:

really great biceps!!! impressive for your age!

jockboy says:

JesusFuckinChrist, dude — u r RIPPED! Amazing body. Keep it up — lookin

Morten hager says:

great arms

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:


smcararey says:

What a physique! The shape of your muscles are perfect. Just get a little
bigger and you would be perfect for competition.

lawnboyS21BSn says:

lookin good man

blackestnightXify says:

Insane muscles! More ripped than any teen I’ve seen

Frenchrico says:

Incredible muscles!

mr60king says:

great muscles!!!

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

I worked out about 10-15 minutes prior to filming, so I had a little bit of
a pump but not like a max pump

Donald Aspery says:

you need to start bulking up dude

Teen Bodybuilder Ripped Nick says:

Do you have an Amazon account? Are you logged in?

HyeDaViT says:

Impressive :) Don’t get carried away with bodybuilding, don’t let your
physique and strength fall behind from getting big. Put some hard work for
a few years. Looks like your genetics will take you far.

spyderNJ75 says:

Nick, all your poses were great but your front and rear double bicep are

nate11221122 says:

rip the shirt~!

fooshbabaganoosh says:

dude, you rock. whatever your doing def works for you. whats your secret
for your bi’s? concentration curls? excellent posing too.

msusjb says:

Bro that is so impressive for your age! Your arms are so jacked! Your chest
looks huge and cut! Your back and shoulders are so ripped! And your abs are
so shredded! Pose without a shirt! It makes no sense for you to keep a
shirt on at this point. Yeah you definitely should compete! You got the

Zach13YOWrestler says:

Holy fuck dude your whole body looks so ripped! Damn gotta know your
workout schedule and diet. So insane each pose!!! Abs are like crazy

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